Marie O


Front-end developer
Joined May 2023
Just fixed some bugs and added GitHub repo links to the app. The repo is now public! If you have any feedback, please let me know! 😄 #neubrutalismui…
Preparing a Readme made me realize the challenge of creating user-friendly documentation. The more I get involved in web production, the more I understand why normally it's done as a team. There is simply too much to do😇I respect everyone who put much effort into personal projects! #neubrutalismui
Okay, I've added stories to all the components I made. What I've learned is that it's better to install Storybook at the beginning of a project to easily design reusable components.😅 Anyway, I'll prepare a readme and make the repository public soon!👩🏻‍💻 #neubrutalismui
Initially designed components for copy and paste in a personal project, but now updating them after Storybook introduction. Maybe I should’ve designed for easy use as React components from the start😅 #neubrutalismui
Built stories on storybook for a component. It's a great tool to rethink component structure. Aimig to make the repo public by the end of this week
Installed Storybook to make the components easier to use #neubrutalismui
made UI modifications based on feedback and solved LeetCode problems. I have more tasks to tackle than just coding, but I've been procrastinating Sometimes coding feels more immediately rewarding.
Just realized the OGP issue wasn't completely resolved. Seems like I needed to adjust the settings specifically for Twitter. Also, addressed an occasional display of 404 errors on the website😅 neo-brutalism-ui-library.verc… #neubrutalismui
Added styling to the links in the navigation bar to indicate the currently displayed page to users. In addition, I modified some of the card destinations on the homepage. It's fun to delve into the realm of UI/UX, although it can be challenging. #neubrutalismui
Based on the feedback that I got, I fine-tuned the layout just a little bit. just returned from a short trip, so I will rest today and be ready to work tomorrow! #neubrutalismui
Changed the meta tags for Twitter. though I'm going on a short trip, I decided to work on a very small task like this to maintain good habits. will fix some issues tomorrow depending on the feedback I got. #neubrutalismui
🚀The Neo Brutalism UI MVP is now available! It's a Tailwind-based component with a vibrant, eye-catching design that will elevate your web design. Best of all, it's free!😁 Please check it out and let me know what you think! neo-brutalism-ui-library.verc… #neubrutalismui
Organized multiple similar components into one. The further I progress, the more improvements I discover. It's time to let go of perfectionism and aim to release the MVP in a few days🚀#neubrutalismui
Not much progress today, but I transformed JSX code snippets to HTML for improved reuse. Just had a thought—what if AI could convert code to be compatible with various frameworks? 🤔#neubrutalismui
Multiple components can be displayed and copied and pasted! Now that the major functionality of the service is done, will start fixing the details tomorrow. #neubrutalismui
The code can be copied and pasted now. Now I just need to be able to copy and paste other components in the same way! Almost there! #neubrutalismui
Just added the ability to copy and paste UI components. Trying to render a bunch of components in the same layout efficiently. #neubrutalismui
Working on enabling component copying, and it's already looking better than yesterday! #neubrutalismui
Attempting to enable copy-pasting components. I considered a format that passes props in React, but since it's a Tailwind-based component, maybe it doesn't need to accept props. My brain isn't functioning well today; going to get some sleep.😅 #neubrutalismui
WIP: build a web page using the components I've developed, to see how user-friendly they are 🤔 #neubrutalismui