Jeff's Life


My life.
🚙 drove three hours to see family before our trip #mylife
🚌 rented and packed a van for our family trip #mylife
💇 got a haircut because it's been a while #mylife
🏀 enjoy a mostly day off watching basketball and hanging out with my kids #mylife
guilt updated my frontmatter-cli tool because people were starring it #mylife
🥩 made a really nice beef coulotte steak on my smoker and didn't take a photo #mylife
pushed out a new version of the trail running websites #mylife
🏈 making snacks for the Super Bowl #mylife
had a good Sunday with family before football tonight #mylife
cleaned my office #mylife
🏡 looked into new flooring for my house #mylife
did my first walkthrough demo in preparation of recording it #mylife
drafted out a new blog post #mylife
Sunday morning family time with my two kids #mylife
worked on codegen tool and mostly felt sick #mylife
updated a few OSS projects to start my Saturday #mylife
✏️ weekly Friday writing group #mylife
🍔 making cheese burgers for the family and took care of my daughter while my son was at a birthday party #mylife
💻 trying to figure out why my MBP keeps crashing #mylife
joining the monthly conference organizers meetup #mylife