Jeff's Life


My life.
🤒 still ran down and sick, but my COVID test came back negative. So one small win. #mylife
🤒 ran a fever for most of the day between 102F/103F. It finally broke tonight #mylife
meeting with an electrician and construction crew to do some remodeling in my house #mylife
🚙 driving back from Chicago #mylife
🦃 hanging out with family today #mylife
🚗 driving the family out-of-state to see family #mylife
🧳 packed for a weekend family trip to see more family #mylife
🏈 had friends over before the Kansas Football games for the last tailgating home game of the season #mylife
updated pinboard updater github bot #mylife
finished monthly conference organizer's chat #mylife
🗳 stayed up to watch election results #mylife
🎮 8Bitdo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller came in and played an hour and a half of Switch games with my son #mylife
had a family cookout/shower for one of my great-nieces #mylife
home to see family for the weekend #mylife
🎃 took off early to trunk or treat at the kids daycare and to walk them around the neighborhood for ~2 hours trick or treating 🧡 #mylife
📷 took some family photos with the family at our house and in one of the nearby parks #mylife
🍂 raked up half the leave in my yard with a big leaf vacuum #mylife
catching up with the family, spending time with the kids, and slept about ~15 hours over the last 24 hours of being home. Trying to get my readiness score up on Sleep++ #mylife
flew home, hung out with the family, and then crashed out by 7pm from exhaustion #mylife
had pretty good Korean BBQ tonight #mylife