Jeff's Life


My life.
🏃‍♂️ first run in ~3 years #mylife
🏡 helped a friend out and mowed and trimmed down the weeds in her lawn while she is outo of town #mylife
monthly conference organizer's meetup #mylife
youngest was sick so I took off to care for her #mylife
fixed wifi on RPi4 so that it works both at home and my office wifi. talked to a friend about some of the LIDAR code and project scope #mylife
my Raspberry Pi 4 and LIDAR sensor came in. I accidentally installed Ubuntu desktop instead of server on it, but I'll try it out for a few days #mylife
🐍 my micropython book is here so I skimmed it #mylife
🍳 grilled brats, hot dogs, and a bunch of veggies for dinner #mylife
⛽ re-fueled to head back home for a funeral #mylife
rested up, made dinner, and play video games with the family #mylife
met for weekly writing group and almost finished too long of an article #mylife
👓 eye exam #mylife
had to deep dive into acceptable trademark usage for generative art as one does on a Wednesday night #mylife
mostly a family and research day. I logged a bunch of OpenCV resources (articles and YouTube) and thinking about what to build next with it #mylife
🏡 random cleanup around the house while the kids are out and napping #mylife
had a friend give me an intro on AST development. Switched to CST to see if I can get some code parsers written #mylife
📕 bought the Effective Book Authoring course to motivate myself into maybe writing/finishing a book. #mylife…
🏡 mowed the lawn and trimmed #mylife
researching better public licenses than OSS licenses #mylife
🏡 mowed my lawn in 99F heat #mylife