Jeff Triplett ✨


Joined August 2018
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updated #djangopackages finances
Wednesday #revsys client work
Tuesday #revsys client work
joined the GPT-4 beta and had it basically write a six chapter book for me.
guilt updated my frontmatter-cli tool because people were starring it #mylife
🥩 made a really nice beef coulotte steak on my smoker and didn't take a photo #mylife
Monday #revsys client work
more #dotfiles changes
trying out some #dotfiles changes to build out some virtualenv changes with justfiles
🍔 smoked burgers on the smoker for the family
🏡 fixed the broken shades in my daughters room
hanging with my kids before taking them to get pancakes
Friday office hours
did some #lfk work
✏️ Friday writing group
more trail running website small updates
Thursday #revsys client work
did some running website work and had a meeting to discuss changes
monthly conference organizers meetup
Wednesday #revsys client work