Tweet Photo


Automatically post your Instagram photos to Twitter
Launched December 12, 2018
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Copy/paste ENV config to Heroku app #tweetphoto
Send reminder email to people who haven't migrated to the new Instagram API yet #tweetphoto
Win credit card payment dispute, because the customer was nice enough to contact their bank and revert it. Instead, I now do a proper refund. #tweetphoto
Send email asking people to re-connect their Instagram account using new API. #tweetphoto
Fix bug where re-connecting your Instagram account would not work if you were not signed in to Tweet Photo with your Twitter account. h/t @patrickloonstra #tweetphoto
Refresh Instagram access token once a month #tweetphoto
Set up data deletion request callback URL for Facebook app #tweetphoto
Set up deauthorize callback URL for Facebook app #tweetphoto
Make sign up use Twitter OAuth first (instead of Instagram OAuth), because Instagram now longer allows you to use it as a sign in method #tweetphoto
Switch to new Instagram Graph API for new users #tweetphoto
Enable "Remove hashtags" for new users. #tweetphoto
Don't try to tweet deleted posts #tweetphoto
Reach 3,000 active users #tweetphoto
Get Facebook to postpone disabling Instagram Legacy API #tweetphoto
Get permissions approved for Facebook app (still waiting for my account to get verified) #tweetphoto
Re-submit Facebook App app again, with clear instructions on how to confirm email address if Twitter asks for it. #tweetphoto
Get Facebook App rejected again, because Twitter asked for email confirmation and the reviewer didn't understand what to do. #tweetphoto
Re-submit for Facebook App Review with the correct staging URL. (Fingers crossed). #tweetphoto
Get rejected by Facebook App Review because I accidentally included a link to the production environment (instead of staging), which doesn't use the new code yet. #tweetphoto
Add /terms page #tweetphoto