Review Management & Insights for Hotels & Vacation Rentals.
keep working on Streamline Integration #reva
prototype streamline pms integration #reva
fix bug with new listing <> company relationship #reva
fix some reviews having a rating over 10 due to mixed scales from the provider #reva
fix some reviews not marked as display_on_website = true due to some rounding error #reva
fix links to the review for all channels #reva
add tooltip showing when the host replied to a review #reva
fix fuckup in our scrapers #reva #life
finally deploy benchamarking feature to compare your reviews against your competitor #reva
add new field to identify if a company is hotel or a vrm #reva
implement new avg ratings by cohort by month chart #reva
fix failing jobs #reva
Experiment with new scatter chart for averages ratings by cohort #reva
fix bug with cohorts charts #reva
get rid of ploty.js and reduce the JS bundle from 9.8Mb to 1.3Mb #reva
replace ploty + mapbox choropleth map for chart.js + chartjs-chart-geo after a lot of back and forth #reva
replace ploty histogram chart with chart.js bar chart highly customized and custom ruby class to do the math #reva
build my own histogram, because existing ruby gems suck and I need to calculate it in order to replace Ploty.js #reva
add title to some pages that didn't have it for consistency #reva
try new layout for titles #reva