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Launched January 1, 2016
use github/disposable/disposable-email-domains to prevent signups from temp email domains. also remove "+string" from address to prevent infinite signups from 1 address #pregunta2
selling subscriptions to LATAM teens be like 😂 #pregunta2
cache tags in a json to save 1 db query #pregunta2
realize I broke user signup yesterday oops #pregunta2
implement hacky cron job to find forbidden words in quizzes, to remove Ads on those pages & prevent adsense policy violations #pregunta2
pageviews don't pay my rent, but they pay all my takeaway deliveries 🥡😂 #pregunta2
use crm as proxy for user registration tracking b/c I haven't built a php backend dash yet #pregunta2
add toggle to receive new comment notifications on quizzes, as I was kinda spamming the most popular ones #pregunta2
pass quiz owner id to comments.db so I can notify users of new comments on the quizzes they created #pregunta2
pass 175k quizzes & personality tests created after ~7 years. Avg ~69/day (nice) #pregunta2
try zerobounce validation api to filter invalid emails, because even doing double opt-in verification on registrations is getting a high bounce% #pregunta2
add custom HTML to Cloudflare Managed challenge so it doesn't look too awful while loading #pregunta2
realize that activating Cloudflare image resizing <img srcset> back in March rekt my mobile "good" pages for some reason... "Usable" mobile pages still good tho #pregunta2