Levanter UI


A collection of Tailwind CSS components
Add support for different button sizes #levanterui
Add light and dark styles for focused state to button component #levanterui
Work on dark button styles #levanterui
Fix missing space between at-rule and identifier when displaying CSS source code #levanterui
When two template variables containing duplicate values of the same CSS property are used within a class attribute, only the most recent attributes should be retained after rendering the code preview component #levanterui
Make the outline button match the height of the regular button #levanterui
Fix the code preview component not replacing theme vars when a HTML tag inside the preview is surrounded by another HTML tag #levanterui
Fix an issue when the code preview component stretched outside page borders when placed inside a flex container #levanterui
Work on the button component #levanterui
Add a copy to clipboard button #levanterui
Make a custom prismjs color scheme #levanterui
Switch torchlight plugin to remark-prism #levanterui
Work on getting remark-prism plugin to work, unsuccessfully so far #levanterui
Investigate why theme variables don't work inside CSS fenced code blocks #levanterui
Add a theme switch button to the code preview component #levanterui
Add a tooltip to toolbar buttons in the code preview component #levanterui
Add a dark mode switch button to the code preview component #levanterui
Work on a dropdown component #levanterui
Work on adding support for custom themes to the code preview component #levanterui
Create a bare bone component to display HTML and its source code #levanterui