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Change expiration event names and when creating a log entry, also update names in existing log entries #domainwatchman
Solve Day 11 Dynamic Programming #domainwatchman
Solve Day 10 Dynamic Programming #lc75
Add a domain change history page #domainwatchman
Solve Day 9 Graph/BFS/DFS #lc75
Solve Day 8 Binary Search Tree #lc75
Write an API method and tests to retrieve domain log #domainwatchman
Solve Day 7 Binary Search #lc75
Write a repository method and tests to retrieve domain logs from the database #domainwatchman
Remove the time to live attribute and add a new one because DynamoDB doesn't support renaming #domainwatchman
Solve Day 6 Tree #lc75
Store a timestamp instead of a domain name in the sort key for domain change logging and remove previous log records from the database #domainwatchman
Fix issue preventing multiple log entries from being added to the same domain name #domainwatchman
Deploy domain change logging to production #domainwatchman
Solve Day 5 Greedy #lc75
Solve Day 4 Linked List #lc75
Solve Day 3 Linked List #lc75
Set the time to live attribute when creating a domain log entry #domainwatchman
Solve Day 2 String #lc75
Enable the time to live attribute on the DynamodDB table and try it out to see if it really works #domainwatchman