Google Sheet Add-on Crypto Transactions by address


Doing the next try in my goal to do first sale
#crypto2sheet Scheduled release on PH at 0:01 by PST time (in 1h 40m)…
#crypto2sheet Changed banner on PH and Google Store Listing
#crypto2sheet Sent for review a new scopes. Also updated policy and pushed on web
#crypto2sheet Added a feature for updating data in a background every 5 minutes. Now anyone can set up email updates to monitor someone's wallet
#crypto2sheet Finally the Google Sheet Add-on Finally released🥳🥳🥳…
#crypto2sheet dont give up. Continue pushing them :) Got a feedback... working on changes
#crypto2sheet Sent for review into Google Listing Store
#crypto2sheet Woooohooo! Approved Auth2 scopes for the app
#crypto2sheet Recorded a new video for api usage specifically with visible metadata of auth window. Sent again on review :)))))
#crypto2sheet Working again on updates for review
#crypto2sheet Again rejected, looks like they do not like my logo on homepage and video. So re-do it
#crypto2sheet Got a feedback from Google about Auth2 screen. Updated and sent again for review
#crypto2sheet Updated home page and Sent for review again
#crypto2sheet Got a feedback from Google review. Need to update homepage. Working!
#crypto2sheet Send for verification auth
#crypto2sheet Add integration into AppScript for checking Gumroad subscription
#crypto2sheet Reorganized todo board with deadlines
#crypto2sheet Started working on subscription set up for Sheet Add-on and Gumroad
#crypto2sheet Decompose goals for the left 18 days
#crypto2sheet Started with the simplest - Google Sheet Add-on for getting list of all transactions in G Sheet with pricing, gas, rate at the time, etc