Your remote team's local time at a glance

Ever struggle to find a good time to call a coworker in a different timezone?

Now that everyone I work with works remotely, I find myself counting on my fingers to figure out someone else's local time about 3-5 times a day. It's annoying and jolts me out of my flow state.

So my friend and I made ☀️Noon.

Noon is a simple tool that shows you the local time of your teammates (no more math or counting on fingers), and allows you to scrub throughout the day to find a best time to meet.

You can try it out on the web at for free, and if you really like it you can download Noon for Mac and get access to your teammates local times in your menubar.

Would love your thoughts, roasts, and feedback on the product and marketing page.

Thanks, crew!

nice. simple and straight to the point. I love it. Honestly, I don't know what to add.

(For your feedback collection purposes) I would not be part of this market though (i don't have co-workers in other time zones) -- also, I use gmail and google calendar lets you set your "working hours", so it automatically syncs to your teammate's calendar view when they select your name.