would you use a service that allows you to configure a saas kit starter under nuxtjs?

The NuxtJS boilerplate with all everything configured for launch your SaaS.
Vercel ready, tailwindcss, etc
You can set kind of saas, you can choose associated concept like users manager (signin, signout, lost password, etc), landing pages, admin dashboard, profile, etc then you can configure your prebuild theme.
You can configure your supabase database by copy paste the query provided.

Very useful for me. And you?

I avoid boilerplates because I'm intentional about which tech I'm choosing to use i.e. I'd never use Vercel or Supabase, so I'd waste time undoing your work and have to rewrite = I wouldn't save any time

I obviously don't represent everyone and I think people that are new to developing with certain frameworks like Nuxt might be willing to pay to get started faster. People bought ShipFast after all.

Ultimately though, no one here who responds is going to be representative of the market and its willingness to pay for your product, so instead of asking this question I would ship a landing page with some realistic looking screenshots of what you're offering and see if anyone preorders when you post it where your ideal users hang out (probably some Nuxt subreddit, hacker news, etc). Use a low price like $9 or $19 one time. If so, it's useful for other people because they paid and now you can iterate based on user feedback and ship the product. If not, move on

👆 It's indeed unlikely anyone here would use starter kits, I think. But the starterkit market is pretty much booming right now - so people are out there. Just make sure yours stands out from the crowd, as there are a lot by now.

I can well imagine that the wip community isn't really my target. My starter kit won't be unique. It's not you buy it and it's gone. In fact, you can prepare your kit according to your needs. You'll be able to choose a theme, select a project type (portfolio, saas, ecommerce, game, etc.), page packages and the related query to configure the database. The idea is to offer mainly a Nuxt + Tailwind + Supabase kit. The themes are designed and integrated by me. I hope this will make it stand out from the crowd.