WIPers in Bangkok: Coworking meetup?

Hey WIP, I've recently relocated to Bangkok as some of you know and I'm on the hunt for a good coworking space. Instead of committing to a space immediately, I thought it might be fun to explore different coworking spaces as a group. The idea would be:

1. Work together throughout the day at a new coworking space every week. Proposing Wednesdays from 10 AM to 6 PM (flexible, start and stop working whenever you want obviously)
2. Grab food after working nearby the coworking space around 6-7p (optional) to talk about what was accomplished and bullshit about unrelated topics

If there's interest in this, i.e. at least 3 people that appear to be in BKK hit like, I'll set up an official meetup on WIP and pick a central location for the first week. Hit like on this post to let me know you're interested, thanks

P.S. Heard good things about Paper Plane Project near Thonglor/Ekkamai, so that's my suggestion for the first week. Open to others as well, comment your favorite spots and I'll add them to the queue.

Hi Ben, I'll be in Bangkok from March 2nd to the 12th. Let me know if I can join you while I'm there.

I tend to be more productive by myself, but I'd be down to occasionally join. So definitely don't adjust the location for me, but when you find something I'll pop by every now and then 👍

@amir you still in BKK? We're still supposed to meetup 😄

Don't worry @marc, I'm being selfish with this one and picking places/times that I like haha. That's the beauty of being the event organizer 😎

I'll create a recurring meetup soon