Who is Confirmio for?

Looking for a target customer demographic so I can position my marketing better and do customer interviews with those people.

Do you have people already using it? You could reach out to them and see how/why they are using it.

If not, I would suggest considering yourself as the first customer and try to ask questions like - Why am I using it, how am I using it, is it for my freelance work to get my client to confirm the things they agreed on the phone, etc

If it's for freelance work that you are using, maybe try to figure out where you can find other freelance people and see if they are facing the same problem that confirmio can help with. If yes, reach out to them without talking about confirmio first and try to understand the problem they face better.

Once you are convinced that your product would help the problem they face, then you can ask them if confirmio would solve that or not.

It's kind of a generic answer to any new products but I hope it helps. Let me know!

The survey on right side is in my face...