Which/where is the best place to learn code for non-coder makers?

Look no further:

Egghead has fast pace videos which are not recommended for beginners. It assumes a lot of things. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know a little about programming.

that's why codeschool first. but codeschool is not enough.

Best place is FreeCodeCamp & its free. They start with basics & has a forum to ask questions too & all are willing to help you learn code.

Other than that you can checkout Scrimba's HTML Course. It also has CSS courses.

Best way is to build something. You are forced to have a path to follow :)

As far as tutorials, and are good. But I also agree with Ashish—the best way is to build something.

Strong endorse of Treehouse. Their in-browser IDE removes some of the friction of getting started.

I got my non-coder friend to try coding at and he was hooked right away. I think being able to code while following the exercises and without installing anything on your end is a big help.

But yeah, I'm with @Ashfame and @jrdnbwmn. The best way is to build something, and then find your way through it by googling for answers (i.e 'how to add image to website')