Which/where is the best place to learn code for non-coder makers?

Look no further:

I know nothing.

Egghead has fast pace videos which are not recommended for beginners. It assumes a lot of things. I wouldn't recommend it unless you know a little about programming.

that's why codeschool first. but codeschool is not enough.

I know nothing.

Best place is FreeCodeCamp & its free. They start with basics & has a forum to ask questions too & all are willing to help you learn code.

Other than that you can checkout Scrimba's HTML Course. It also has CSS courses.

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Best way is to build something. You are forced to have a path to follow :)

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As far as tutorials, and are good. But I also agree with Ashish—the best way is to build something.

Strong endorse of Treehouse. Their in-browser IDE removes some of the friction of getting started.

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I got my non-coder friend to try coding at and he was hooked right away. I think being able to code while following the exercises and without installing anything on your end is a big help.

But yeah, I'm with @Ashfame and @jrdnbwmn. The best way is to build something, and then find your way through it by googling for answers (i.e 'how to add image to website')

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