Which email marketing service provider allows you to send emails with a personalized FROM sender’s name, individual for the recipient?

Basically aliases of the same email address but with personalization depending on the name of the recipient's first name.

For example, "McDonald’s is loving you, Gregor" [email protected] or "McDonald’s is loving you, Hillary" [email protected]

Last time I used MailChimp they had support for this.

That would be fantastic! And just today did I sign up for a new Mailchimp account. I’ll check and report back on what I can find.

This functionality is very important to me and an educational side project of mine.

Thanks @Jeff!

Mailchimp is great for this. Just remember to set fallback/default values for name.…

Follow-up @jefftriplett: because I received the confirmation for the Mailchimp support and I tried it myself.

My question was: Can I include a merge tag in the from name field? For example: Could I write: I appreciate you, |FNAME|?

The answer is: NO you cannot include a merge tag but you can edit the from name or from email address for an email campaign and individualize it this way.