Where do you look for daily software engineer job in period of global recession?

I've been percolating on the idea that there's currently a global recession, and the job market is not in the best condition. Therefore, I'm wondering what approaches one should take when looking for a software engineering job in a short period of time.

Given that anyone can get fired, I believe it would be helpful to hear some feedback from the community on this topic.

Where are you applying for jobs? If US-based companies, you need to practice on as they'll grill you in the interview to make sure you can quickly solve algorithm puzzles.

Otherwise, there isn't really a shortcut here - last time I applied for jobs I submitted 300ish applications, got about 50 phone screens, 10 onsites, 2 offers. It's a total numbers game and you just have to keep applying and showing up to your interviews. It took me 2-3 months of doing this to find a company that I really wanted to work for, so I'd budget for that amount of time roughly speaking.

I'd recommend scheduling no more than 1 interview per day to avoid burning yourself out but just start applying.

Thank you for the feedback. I thought it was only me thinking that it's a game of numbers.

For me it's about standing out in the sea of resumes recruiters and hiring managers are looking through. If you can get in contact with a human and get a referral you have significantly better odds than applying through the company's careers page.
A great place to start is to look at the company's LinkedIn page and see if you have any connections - previous colleagues, alumni, friends of friends.