what you guys use to host your custom domain emails? How much does it cost?

Google Business, 8$ a month.

I hate that it blocks javascript attachments so I'm open to suggestions.

I use Namecheap’s email service. Very simple and cheap. Google Business Suite became such a hassle to even do anything in, their interface is a ludicrous maze. I just need an email address, not an email management system for 100,000 employees!

Also for sending mail I now use SendGrid. I switched from MailChimp because I didn’t like getting charged $350/m simply for storing 50,000 email adresses in their database.

Also is very good for just an email.

I may be biased since I work there :D, but I use . Price for a basic mailbox (8gb) is 1 €, 2€ for 25gb ones