What would you change on this landing page?

What would you change on the landing page ? Copy, CTA, pictures... ? Thanks for your help :)

Pretty nice Simon! Maybe more of a clear headline? (The current headline looks more like a paragraph), and maybe instead of 2 CTAs, just a single CTA.

Which headline are you talking about? "Stop losing your time" etc?

I will work on the second CTA yes. Thanks :)

the typography / font-size of the headline is what I'm referring to. I can't tell if it's a headline or a paragraph... but I'm not a designer so what do i know :)

I would stop the damn chat pop-up from opening right as the page is loading. It covers the content, very annoying.

Also it's "losing" not "loosing" 😛️

Thanks, I changed the two :)

I like it. You say it costs 1EUR, but I have no idea how will i pay for it? Maybe a little asterisk with some explanation in the footer?

I added a small text right under the call to action. Thanks!

You could make the background city image be different at each page reload to show the cities where TravelTxt is available!

Nice idea!

Check (just ignore all the bells and whistles!)

Since I use I think I won't be able to use this. But thanks anyway!

Nice! A few things:

1) Add a favicon, will help it look more complete.

2) Should be "Where is the advice coming from?"

3) Clean up spacing of with the Newsletter heading at the bottom and the surrounding emojis.

4) Go with a bright, sunny background image, and if possible a white phone, to make it look more cheery and less 'serious'.

5) Up the font a size or two on "If you like to ✈, you'll love to 📲."

Good luck!

Thanks a lot, really useful!

That 13% remaining battery is killing me! lol

But in a more serious case, maybe if you can make a video or gif where ppl is receiving advice on the phone in ur page, so it can feel + personal or interactive like 'what city from this list are you traveling today or willing to travel?' (when ppl click they receive a 'general' advice for that city) so they can 'test' the product.

Some platforms like 'Verse' ( let you make interactive videos for this kind of work. I remember they have a free tier for small videos.

Cool idea! There is something funny about the alignment of the different content sections on the page. They should all have the same container width in my opinion e.g. the logo and strapline are not aligned with the edge of the iphone mockup below it and the form on the right hand side is not aligned with the text blocks above and below it. Here's a screenshot of how i would align it:…