what would be the best/easiet way for me to embed my wip profile on a website? like display my recent tasks finished etc

I know nothing.

Use WIP API that fetches latest tasks & products you are working on & display them :)

how hard do you think that would be for a non dev?

I know nothing.

Its easy (for me atleast since I'm a dev)

But still you have to fetch & display so you can checkout…

There are 4 ways in the tutorial. Use any one & you will be fine. But there is just one problem you can't query it without using API Key so someone can use your Key to delete or modify all your todos or products, etc..

But I guess nobody has time for that πŸ˜‚ but still a security loophole

fuck facebook

You'd probably spend a couple of days or more figuring all this stuff out.

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