what would be needed to have all my WIP tasks tweeted when completed?

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A bot constantly checking the API and tweeting it out could work

what's the workload for something like this? could it easily be outsourced? i'm not a dev

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Quite simple. You just have to check one API and push things into Twitter's API (and also some logic to prevent reposts etc) and run this script from time to time.

I guess any Ruby or Python dev can build it and you won't have any problems outsourcing it. Having said that, it is definitely something fun to hack on a weekend if you're learning how to code.

thanks for the info! will look into this.

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i want this too! what about this?…

ooooh, interesting

Making and email otter

i don't know much about telegram, but I wonder if you can forward texts from @wipbot to a new channel, so it may work with that IFTTT recipe

Making and email otter

I just tied it, it works well:

  1. set up new applet
  2. Select telegram, Choose trigger: 'New message with key phrase to @IFTTT'
  3. Add your product hashtag as the keyphrase (or your telegram username), send anything as the reply
  4. Create trigger -> Twitter -> Post a tweet
  5. In front of {{text}}, add ✅ or something
Making and email otter

then forward anything from @wipbot to iftttbot.. flow can be improved probably

doesn't @ifttt have to be in the wipchat channel though?

Making and email otter

yeah you have to forward message from wipbot to ifttt bot within telegram - must be a way to do that automatically 🤔 idk

/rip my hopes n dreams

Making and email otter
Maker of WIP amongst other things.

If there's enough interest I can look at either adding RSS feeds for completed todo's, webhooks, or Zapier integration.

I do have a lot on my plate right now though, so need to take different priorities into consideration.

that would be amazing! it would also solve my use case for when i messaged you about embedding my tasks/profile

Making and email otter

that'd be better, could even tweet/buffer the whole at shippening

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