What tool do you use for your social media posts?

Ideally a tool that can post to all major social media platforms in one go!

When I was running a big community and had to be on socials like that, we used Later and it was great for one person and a small team. They make it really easy to do everything.

i have been using Pallyy. Powerful and affordable, v happy with it. Built by an indie maker too

Discovered this and its all i needed. Thanks for the suggestion Carl !

I converted from Buffer to Typefully because I like the IDE and scheduling tool better than anything else. Typefully has good X/Twitter integration but also supports Mastodon and LinkedIn.

They also support Zapier which helped me post to Mastodon for a year or so before they added native support. So Zapier can probably get you anything that's missing or you could use their webhook to roll your own.

Honestly, you'll get fewer impressions/the algorithm doesn't push out content as much if it's been scheduled through a tool like that.

We've gotta remember what the platform wants and find a way to balance our desires and its desires. The platform WANTS people to engage on there and be an active participant (a real person and not just a bot or ghost), and it wants people to stay on the platform longer.

That's why you have more engagement on your posts when you engage (in a non-spammy way) with other people's content.

This just means we need to (1) be really strategic about the platforms we DO choose to be on because unless we have a whole marketing team supporting us, our time and energy are a limited resource and (2) actually like the platforms we choose (like to create content for AND engage with) because the more we engage on there, the more the algorithm will push our stuff.

I understand people's desire to grow on all the platforms by doing the least amount of work and find all the shortcuts, and it's not like we have to do the absolute most and live on the platform. BUT we do have to have an active presence there and contribute in meaningful ways.

(It baffles me how many clients have asked me why they're getting no engagement when all they do is post and dip out 😹)


1.) Be strategic about your 1-3 platforms you're going to be really active on and that you're making contextual content for (because what we're not going to do is repost the exact content with the same creative + words to all the platforms because that's lazy)

2.) Schedule time throughout the week to meaningfully engage with people in your audience BEFORE you post your content.

3.) Share your content and make sure to reply to every comment 1-3 hours after you post because it further boosts your post in the algorithm.

It's a longer, more intensive process, but if your goal is to grow an engaged audience that knows, likes, and trusts you enough to buy from you (which I'm assuming we're all business owners here and the goal is to make money, so...yes), then we can't shortchange ourselves or our audience by taking the human aspect out of audience building.

Without knowing the specific platform(s) you've chosen, it's hard to give platform-specific advice, though.