What service or tech do you use to forward emails to your main email address?

Assuming you have multiple email addresses (for example for each product you manage) and you forward them all to the same email address.

How do you set up the forwarding?

The reason I'm asking is I'm using Linode to manage my DNS, but they don't support email forwarding. I could run my own email server, but that seems overkill.

I also am aware of some (paid) services that provide MX records and forward emails. I'm curious to hear though what solution you use.

Most registrars have free email forwarding, like so:…

Unfortunately Namecheap only provides email forwarding if you use their name servers.

I use G Suite and add all my domains there. Don't need to set up forwarding because they end up in one inbox anyway. I just slap a label on them based on the to: field to organize.

Ah right. And Google provides MX records you configure on your domain, right?

There are also mail sending services like mailgun on which you can define inbound rules, like a catchall+forward rule, on domains or subdomains. I do use it for a few domains, although my "main" mails are managed using gsuite+domain aliases.