What's your process of shipping v1 a project?

I get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff which needs to be done to ship any project which leads to analysis paralysis. I want to move out of this mindset and follow someone else's regime of shipping a project.

Please share your process or thoughts

I don't ship a v1, I ship a v0.1

Basically I try to ship something as soon as possible. Within the first 24 hours if possible. Call it a v0.1, a prototype, alpha version, whatever you want. But ship something public-facing as quickly as possible.

This will both start building your momentum, and force you to iterate quickly on the things that matter.

The reason for your analysis paralysis is probably because you feel like your product is "not good enough to launch". That's your pride talking. You know you can do better than this and you don't want people to think you missed that one bug, or overlooked that typo.

The truth is a product is never finished, so it's never "good enough" to launch. But you can use that feeling to your advantage. By shipping something you're embarrassed of and then quickly fixing all the things as people point them out to you.

That's what I do with my products. WIP still has many bugs and defects I am 100% aware of and slightly embarrassed of. However, that didn't keep me from shipping it. I just push it live, find out what the biggest shortcomings are (they aren't always the things you expect), and then fix those as I go along.

It keeps the momentum going, forces you to focus on the parts that matter, and be efficient in how you spend your time.

Thank you for taking time to respond the question. You shared some very good pointers on how I should be looking at my products rather than going in spirals of due diligence.

Looking from the lens of v0.1 is far more achievable instead of aiming of v1.

I'm making your this answer my manifesto of launching products going forward. Cheers!