What progress/milestones would you like to track on #wip?

We've been discussing adding a /milestone feature to track important milestones in your product. For example when you get your first customer, or reach $1,000 MRR.

I'd like to get a better sense of what everybody would like to track (if anything). If there's enough overlap, we could potentially standardise parts of it so we can build graphs, compare progress across different products, etc.

Personally I'd like to track the following (roughly in order of importance):

  • MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
  • Total number of paying customers
  • Total number of featured startups on BetaList (very specific to that product obviously)
  • Total number of products on WIP (also quite specific)
  • Launch of a product (although we now have /launch for that)
  • Launch of major new features (maybe this should be a separate feature though similar to /launch)

Agree with the above - also, total users (as in inc. free users),and revenue per user could be interesting also

I think it'd be cool to track version releases and somehow tie it into to-dos. So when I put an update out, I can keep track of it and have all of the todos I completed for that release under it.

for me - time from idea to getting the first sale.