Joined February 2018
new landing page for #fabric
new landing page for #fabric
add real-time 📸 imageboard to spaces #wfhland
shipped working private island rooms for meetings #wfhland
pioneer livestream pitch #wfhland
focus mode holds between sessions so that users are always in sync with current state of team mates #wfhland
see the local time of all teammates in the team view or if you click on their avatar, along with day/night icon #wfhland
(front end) local time showing for team members on avatar click #wfhland
#wfhland better communicating if a user is in 'focus mode' with status icons on the game canvas
fixed a bug that let people boost their streak in their dashboard (caused by last release) #wfhland
added the ability to edit a log entry in your #zeropercent profile (so a user can update a missed day etc.)
took part in my first podcast about #wfhland and building virtual worlds 🥽
built 1-click telegram login for #zeropercent 💨
#zeropercent new milestone! Hit more than 100,000 recorded sober days by users 🥳💃🏻
UI fixes to #wfhland based on user testing session today
attached working email backend to admin invite flow AND designed welcome email html template #wfhland 🍹
popovers for improved usability and rebuilt directory open interaction #wfhland
built password reset journey #wfhland
built staging for #wfhland (should've done this a WHILE ago)
shipped "Focus Mode" – team members can stay on the island but tune out of everyone's audio so that they can concentrate #wfhland