What is your way to implement custom domain for your SaaS product?

I'm currently struggled in implementing custom domain for my projects. I'm using Vercel for hosting, but it looks like I can only add a limited 50 external domains to one project.

So I want to hear your experience of setting up the custom domains in you have any.


Hi Damon,

I can talk about my experience about custom domain for All job board creators can add their custom domain.

I have created a subdomain In the configuration, I ask them to create a CNAME with this "canonical" subdomain as a target.

When a request comes to my server on, It goes through the webserver down to the software. In the software I extract the host origin. Then I have a software routing table that redirects the request to the concerned account.

For SSL, I used CaddyServer and its on demand feature…. It works like a charm.

For the context, I'm on AWS.

Hey Guillaume, thanks for sharing your experience! I know AWS is good, but I'm looking for some solution which doesn't require too much setup.

I did my research and Render seems a good one. I handled the backend routing pretty much the same as you did your roleup 👍

Hey! At some point you are bound to hit a ceiling where you are trying to use something which wasn't the original use-case, so you either move to another system or find a workaround.

Have you talked to their support and explained your use-case? May be its a soft limit that they can raise for you? If not, then consider how hard it would be for you to use multiple Vercel accounts abstracted away under your implementation? Kinda hacky, but that's what hackers do.

Hey Ashish, yes I already reached out to Vercel team, and got a reply from their C** saying only way to do so is to upgrade to Enterprise plan which costs thousands dollars. Not suit for bootstrappers like me who want to build some SaaS products. So I migrated to Render, so far so good😉

I haven't heard about Render before. Looks cool, how did you setup your infra on it?

I didn't really do much. It provides a PaaS service, and all the backend server stuff are handled by Render.