What is the easiest way to do Backups / Restores Mongo DB?

What is the easiest way to do Backups / Restores Mongo DB? 

I have MongoDB Cloud Atlas free plan.

I found 3 potential ways:
- via mongo db cloud paid plan $59/mo
- via mongo command line tool - seems very complicated?
- via paid mac app studio3t

Please suggest what can be the best way.

This was in 2016 and some things may have changed but I used to have a CRON script running that did something like mongodump -d DB_NAME -o OUTPUT_LOCATION then zipped it and uploaded it to a dedicated Dropbox using their API.

Restoring was just downloading whichever timestamp zip you wanted and loading it into mongodb.

Haven't tried any of those paid plans and this was a self-hosted mongodb so may be different :).

The easiest is to learn to do it via the command line, it isn't as difficult as it sounds :)

To expand on my comment, I would definately use the mongodump tool and the mongorestore tool. You can find information on how to use them online.

They are the way to go, even if you use mongodb atlas, you still want your own backups and you do it via the mongodump tool.