What frontend frameworks do you use to quickly get started?

There are arguments that bootstrap is a bit too heavy. Any suggestions?

I use Foundation 6. Really quick and i think over the years, i have slowly built my own framework without knowing it

I use bootstrap off the primary cdn and assume for most people it'll be cached before they hit one of my sites.

I've been using Bulma ( and liking it a lot. Much lighter than Bootstrap and very customizable. You do have to provide your own JS though. I've been pairing Bulma with React and doing frontend has been a blast.

Another vote for bulma I've been using it with Vue and it has been great so far. I really like the fact that it is CSS(scss) only so it doesn't interfere with the JS framework.

I agree. Been using it for a few months now. I used Bootstrap in the past, then I went on to using no frameworks (except for a minimal grid system) and then my brother showed me Bulma and I've been a huge fan since. Best thing about it is all the elements are easily customisable. :)

I build my own using Neat and Bourbon.

I like the flexibility they provide, but it might take more time to get set up than using something like Bootstrap. It depends on your needs. If you build a ton of little projects than Bootstrap might be better. If you build something for more long-term than rolling your own solution is probably better.

For WIP I took the approach of building my custom CSS components and reusing the hell out of them even though that meant the design was pretty bland. Over time I iterated the design so not every single element looked the same anymore. That worked really well for me.

I really like Wing - - Extremely light, simple to use, and pretty good looking ✨

take a look for tailwindcss videos on youtube and fall in love!