What do you think of these 'Request for Feedback' question types for #wip?

I notice quite a few 'request for feedback' type questions popping up in the chat and on the site. I am wondering if it makes sense to formalise them and possibly introduce additional functionality.

Some examples people request feedback on:
  • Product ideas
  • Revenue models / pricing
  • Design critiques
  • Reviewing a first draft of a blog post
For some of these the current Q&A format is fine. Others could do with a more tailored interface. For example for writing feedback it would be useful if people could leave notes within the text similar to Google Docs. For design critiques visual annotations like InVision offers might be useful.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel and recreate existing tools that already do a good job. That said, we do have a nice community here of experienced makers and making it really easy to get feedback from within WIP would be pretty cool.

I'm curious what you all think? What 'work in progress' could you use feedback on, and do you see a place for WIP in this regard?

This would take us to the next level.

Yes please. More ways to help us help each other is the way to go!

Possibly a single (web)page, (UI)screen too

I'd love to have this. So many things to get feedback on: ideas, landing pages, logos, business models, pitches, hiring practices, copywriting, business management tips.

This would be a great feature. Two thumbs up 👍🏻

I like it a lot. Just wondering how participation will be if you take this out of the chat. I find it already a bit "difficult" to switch to the page for questions. Or to put it differently: I guess feedback is much easier and more readily given in the telegram chat than somewhere else