What do you think about "Streak Holidays" in WIP?

Just thought about this after reading Marc's question "Should there be a paid option to ‘fix’ a broken streak? #wip" ->

You could take your annual holiday without losing your streak. No need to login everyday to Telegram and /done any task (even ones like '/done ON HOLIDAYS') It could be especially useful at remote, off-grid places.

Also helpful when you need to take a break due to healh issues (flu etc)

What are your thoughts WIPers?

p.s. my idea of command would be: /holidays 7 - where it just freezes your streak for 7 days

If you can put a streak "on hold" is it really still a streak? In my opinion the whole idea of the streak is that you build it up by shipping every single day for multiple days in a row. If you can put it on hold, it becomes a rather meaningless number. You can just start taking "holidays" whenever you don't feel like shipping.

That is not to say one should never take holidays of course.

Maybe we can make it more acceptable to lose your streak? Like how we have your personal record (ghost streak) listed on your profile. Perhaps we can do more things like that?

@marckohlbrugge Having the streak leaderboard have two tabs (like I mentioned before) would make sense. An active streak and a top streak, where it's sorted by ghost streaks.