What do you do when you need to add another form to your project?

Web forms has always been the biggest pain point for me. I don’t want to build a form myself when I build an MVP anymore. All these validations, both client and server side take time and efforts and only thing I want is to have some user input. Applications are numerous: from casual “crowdsourcing” entries to feedback forms. I even started to think of building my own solution, something like “Typeform for indie makers” with all this TF “quiz” functionality put aside, better design and good-looking embedded views. Please tell me I don’t need to do it :D

There is always a market for a better form builder. Forms for Indies - I think this might work. Something specific around coming soon pages, pre-sales, user surveys, etc. It is a different use case, and a niche.

@shakedko, I used this, but their forms simply don't work. They disabled backend or something, but some other makers reported they were not getting answers as well. has done the job for me in the past

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To answer your question: I just use Rails' built-in form helpers. It's pretty straight forward building forms like that.

If I need something standalone (e.g. for a product that doesn't have a Rails codebase yet) I use Typeform which works okay for me.

You might want to have a look at if you want something in-between Typeform and self-coded.

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