What cards to use to buy a domain on NameCheap?

I'm trying to buy on NameCheap but its declining my Card & PayPal gives error too. Idk what to use to buy it. Trying to buy since the past 10 days. I thought it was my card problem but it works fine 😂

I should mention I use Visa card ✌️

Then I suppose you should try MasterCard? Or check if your billing address is matching the info of your card.

I don't have MasterCard I guess. Also, the only thing that must match is full name, right?

Billing address should also match.

Nope, I entered everything right but doesn't work. So I called Support & she told me to inquire with my bank.

I'm using MasterCard, Visa Electron and PayPal with NameCheap without any problems. They have a good support, just contact them!

Cool I'm trying this one. First time using Support, LOL

Def an issue with your bank. Ask them to enable international merchants payment on your card. When you explicitly tell them to honor such payments, it will work.

I went today. They told me to Google "Saraswat VISA Verified" & I did create an account & login. Then they told me PayPal doesn't work with Saraswat bank. And NameCheap uses that I guess. I am thinking of opening another bank account 😂

Obviously get a non-shitty bank. Go with a private bank like ICICI or YES or HDFC

You can buy a VCC (Virtual Credit Card) easily and use that for one off payment.

Applying for International Bank Account tomorrow & it will be resolved after 2 days. I hope it works🤞