What are your goals for 2018?

No more fashion calendars. I'm going MadMax. 6 collections a year. 3 albums a year.

Launch a product (info or otherwise) that makes $100k in its first week.

Swizec. That's crazy. Those are Beyonce Numbers.
I'll enjoy following your steps as you build it.

I have a trello board of idea that I really need to work on. I want to ship at least one new product each month next year.

launch two SaaS products, launch two clothing brands, launch my own design studio, move out from Poland to somewhere else (maybe Miami 🤔) and keep doing streaks here with the rest WIP community members 🔥

Polish my 2 ongoing projects, start making the first $$$ with one project during the first quarter, launch 2 more projects while working on a fulltime job, save 1000€/month, keep learnin' everyday, keep shippin' everyday

Finally finish #filepond, add a bunch of plugins to make it more powerful. Replace Slim Image Cropper and direct traffic from CodeCanyon to own store. Build more free open source products to use as advertising pillars for FilePond.

Increase 10x my revenues for #botletter, reach 1M unique visitors per month for #llfr, be fluent in Turkish and improve my salsa skills :)

Three months of focusing on implementing ideas.

Push harder my current projects #getwarblr #nomadgears. Register #ccvtrade back in my hometown. Move in with my girlfriend. Trip to Europe/Japan/Vietnam/ and invest more in crypto.

Launch an Android version of #ytcount