What are your favorite podcasts?

I'll start with mine (I'm only on day one) -

  1. Indie Hackers - Courtland Allen asks really great questions to successful Indie Hackers. He is well prepared & done is homework & the talks are really insightful.

  2. SAAS from Transistor FM - Justin Jackson & Jon Buda have a casual talk about everything. And they share basically anything. It's like /open pages for podcasts ๐Ÿ˜œ

I'll be listening next to -

  1. Startups for the rest of us

  2. TED Talks Daily

I found some cool Podcasts Lists from Twitter -



In our time - a BBC podcast - academics discuss a different topic every week

Accidental Tech Podcast (aka APT) โ€“ A weekly podcast about Apple and tech, by three developers. Besides being interested in the topics they discuss, I enjoy the hosts' personalities. It might take a while to get into because of the in-jokes, but eventually that just makes it all the more fun.

The Art of Product โ€“ A weekly catch up call of two experienced developers building their bootstrapped products. It doesn't feel like they are putting on a show, but rather you get to listen in on two people going through the ups and downs of building their companies.

The Catch Up Call โ€“ Similar to The Art of Product, this podcast is really just a catch-up call (as the name implies) of of two friends talking about what's going on in their (work) lives. What I like about this particular podcast is the hosts have quite diverse interests and experiences. They have build physical products (e.g. the Peel iPhone case), been in real state, and are always experimenting with new things.

Back to Work โ€“ I've always been a fan of Merlin Man's work. I think he has a very healthy perspective on productivity that goes further than some quick tips and hacks. Over the years they started talking more about other stuff that doesn't interest me as much such as comics, Marvel movies so I haven't been listening as consistently as I used to.

Planet Money โ€“ Another podcast I don't necessarily listen to all-the-time, but when I have 20-40 minutes to spare (often before I go to sleep) I might listen to this one. They do a great job at unpacking a money-related topic and turning it into a captivating story.

The Random Show โ€“ A mostly-video podcast by Tim Ferriss and Kevin Rose. They publish it very infrequently, but when they do it's always a lot of fun. They talk about all sorts of crazy things.

I'm subscribed to dozens more I occasionally listen to, but these are the ones I tend to listen to the moment Overcast notifies me of a new episode.