what are the books you most recommend for going from late beginner to intermediate/expert at react and same question for javascript testing

Not big on books. Learned by following a few solid people on twitter and just creating something.

Just to clarify i am no expert... Intermediate.

Thanks yeah I've gotten to a fairly comfortable level just from reading bits and pieces here as I'm using it but I want a book that can outline things I won't find just by trying to scratch itches.

Don't need books. Just go to the official docs. Read everything on that site & viola now you can start building & when you build & if you don't know how to build something you can easily recollect it from the docs. Or our group has 10 people who are kinda experts in React like @pugson or @swizec so we can ask them 😂

For testing, just go with Jest. Its fast, asynchronous, built for big teams, used at Facebook & Cypress for E2E testing. If you don't anything about it, you probably don't know wtf I'm talking about.

So read…

I've learnt testing from Kent C Dodds by watching…

It was free when I watched it 😂 but its all you need

If you don't want that just read through this source code

You can also check… for more awesomeness

But I want books. I appreciate you taking the time to answer with so many sources but I am really just looking for book recommendations.

Here you go then

Full Stack React takes you from beginner to expert & is always updated & it contains testing too I guess. Not sure though.

It's a shame the "Download free chapter" CTA doesn't work!

Ohh it should. I tried in Safari it doesn't work but in Chrome it works. I think you have to wait sometime before it loads up (checkout the page has completely loaded). Took me like 10 seconds 😂

If you are also, learning here's another simple one Pure React. Dave Ceddia is awesome with React. Here's his advice about How To Learn React.

Also, another one is Robin & his book The Road To React if you prefer options

I've fallen into the horrible trap of "jQuery works for me" and not found the time to learn anything new, it's about time I did.

If it works then don't. But yeah React is the future & its here to stay for more 2 years atleast(just my prediction). So if you're learning anything go for React & if you are not adamant on books then free resource & simpler are the official docs (ohh & they're beautiful). Try it

I would recommend It contains all the resources regarding Web Development. Wesbos courses are also very good.