url2format vs urltoformat? Which domain’s better for SEO?

Convert a URL into any format you want.

Working on a website that lets you convert URLs to any format. Thinking of the following:
-<insert format here>

Built for anyone (no-coders and developers) for various use cases. Most useful for AI applications.

Not an SEO expert, but for some reason url2format seems nicer to my brain even though I usually hate numbers in domain names. Can't explain why it works in this case, but it just does haha

You may want to update the copy to mention "page" or "webpage" or "website" or "site" instead of "URL" just to be clear about what is being converted.

Also: did you make the landing page template yourself? I like the style

@ben agreed! thought that it might also be a little easier to type it out on mobile.

Good idea on updating the copy – will do so!

Thanks for the compliments!