Uncommunity - Honest feedback please.

Hey fellow makers,

I've made this quick site by learning Webflow and would love to hear your feedback on the platform. It's called Uncommunity as a place to learn and help people build internet communities.

This is nothing sort of fancy. Tried to make it as easy as possible. Happy to make changes. :)  

  • I'm not sure who's it for. I run an online community (WIP), but the list of tools doesn't immediately speak to my needs. Rather than categorizing by type of resource, I think you should categorize by need.
  • For example "Getting you first 10 members", "Growing a community", "Monetization", etc
  • Who's doing the curation? Why should I trust you have a good sense of what tools are good? That isn't clear. Perhaps it could be solved by letting people upvote their favorite tools and showing the vote count.
  • Love the simple design
  • Online communities are very trendy right now, it seems like a good market to be in

Loved the feedback. I think it make sense. To categorize based on the need.

About the upvote count - I'm already working on it and thought to launch the upvote once I made the intiail launch so that I keep momentum saying we released something this month, etc.

Thanks a lot, Marc.