There are 19 Traction Channels, wich one brings you the more $$$

In 'Traction' a book written by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.Ā 

There is a list of 19 acquisition channels:
  • āŒØ SEO
  • šŸ¦  Viral Marketing
  • šŸ§² Social Ads
  • šŸ“ŗ Press Relations
  • šŸ¤– Unconventional PR
  • šŸ›ø Existing platforms
  • šŸŸ Events
  • šŸ‘Øā€ā¤ļøā€šŸ‘Ø Partnerships
  • šŸ† Affiliation
  • ā˜Ž Direct sales
  • šŸ’ Community
  • šŸŽ” Trade shows
  • šŸ”¦ Influence marketing
  • āš™ Engineering as marketing
  • šŸ’Œ Email marketing
  • šŸŽ¤ Public speaking
  • šŸ‘ SEM
  • šŸ“° Offline marketing
  • šŸŽ Content marketing

Which one makes you the most money, and how do you do it?

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