⏰⚡️ Streaks now support time zones!

⏰⚡️ Streaks now support time zones! Set your time zone by sending your GPS location to @wipbot (we don't store your location). Your streak will then be calculated based on your own time zone. Make sure to complete at least one todo before midnight, local time.

⛔️ This feature is in BETA. Use at your own risk. There's a chance things work unexpectedly and you will lose your streak. Feel free to hold off changing your timezone until the feature is considered stable.

Please let me know if you notice anything weird. Other feedback welcome too.

Coming soon:

👉 Ability to manually set your time zone without sending GPS.
👉 Personal /countdown command adjusted to your streak.
👉 The /countdown in main chat will be removed (doesn't make sense if people have different timezones).