Show WIP: Instagram difference between video post and pic post

Hi guys, I just wanna show you the difference between content type posted on Instagram.

I share 1 post a day on my IG account dedicated to philosophy topics in Spanish (

I have around 90 followers and I usually share pics with up to 30 hashtags 1 per day but the other day I share a 40 seconds video and this happened.

The hashtags were the same and the only different thing was that it was a video instead of a pic so I'm thinking that Instagram "discover algorithm" likes videos much more than pics.

I'm starting to share more videos now and I'll let you know how it works. Maybe some of you find this useful.

ā¤ļø Bye ,


Those are the metrics. I dunno how to post a image into the Question directly.

Wow so Video Engagements are greater than Pics. Good to know. I always thought it was the opposite šŸ˜‚