Should i have a .com Domain?

Hey Guys!

I’m planning a new Showcase/List-Page like my others ( )

but - in crypto/blockchain space. (i will curate coins/icos etc.) is already gone :(

Do you think its wrong if I break out of „.com“ domains for this one? I like my madeWithX naming scheme a lot.

Domains I have: ( is crypto too "moon"-y? or maybe the best choice? )

... any suggestions?

Crypto is not tech, blockchain is tech. How about

that is a nice idea - @dspacejs thought about as well - guess is the best of both worlds 😅

you think a .com is necessary?

Nope, .com doesn't mean a thing unless it's for a business.

sadly is gone 😥 then :P

what about backedbyblockchain?

Imo it depends on your market. If your market is techy, then they won't have any problem with things other than .com.

In addition, if you ever grow so large that your domain name is hindering you, you can always purchase it. Ship it!