Seeking feedback on the new Booklet landing page

Seeking feedback on the new Booklet landing page 🤗

Let me know your thoughts! 

If you prefer more structure, please take a look at the page then answer these questions:
  1. What is it?
  2. Why's it unique?
  3. Is it legit?
  4. What's the catch?
  5. Who's it right for?

Thanks 🙏

  • Page seems to load very slowly (maybe my internet?)
  • Screenshot didn't load on first try. Had to refresh
  • Not sure what a "calm community" is
  • Is this landing page meant for community creators or people looking to join a community?
  • There's a lot of text on the page and honestly I'm not sure what's most important (lacking visual hierarchy) so I don't read any of it
  • The "public communities" link links to a 404 page
  • Click a thread in the demo loads very slow without any loading indicator. At first I thought it wasn't mean to load anything
  • The demo has "hello world" content instead of real content. Which is never a good look and doesn't really demonstrate the product well
  • Not entirely sure what the product is or who's it for. Seems like some type of forum service, but there's so many community platforms it's unclear why I would choose Booklet over anything more established