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Hey folks, 

Analytics jobs were missing a dedicated job board and so I decided to address that issue with 

It's still in beta, but my problem is that I get only low level of engagement from users. I did some experiments but insights can't be withdrawn really considering it's still really low traffic.  

So... could you please roast my site?

Wishing you all a great day !  

Hi Lucas.
1. I know it's still beta but the page still doesn't seem much trustworthy. Maybe adding some color and images will make it seem more legit.
2. Remove the link to the report or reduce the font size on the link. Otherwise visitors will go read the report and never come back to your page.
3. Rewrite the sentence in h2 "The 2020 ..." and instead write something about the benefit the visitor gets. Example "Scrapiste has hundreds of great Analytics jobs to help you find your next job quick." -> just an example I'm sure you can write something much better than this.

Hey Rafael, thanks for the great feedback ! Indeed, too much emphasis on the report will take users away and it could be more polished indeed. Taking the advice. I would be happy to return you the favor

For me, the big banner around cookie use is really not good for the first time visitor.

Yeh, I'd agree with @ajvillalobos on the banner. I'd recommend using something like Fathom which is more privacy focused and means you don't need a cookie banner.

Google Analytics, which you're using, holds very little value in the grand scheme of an early project like this. Unless you're using adverting too. But even with Fathom you can set particular goals.

I still show a cookie banner on my project, but it's very minimal and explains that cookies are for functional use only.

Apart from that, it's a fairly clean website. I'd recommend a better logo, and a better about. Apart from that, it serves the purpose well.