Roast the landing page for

The homepage started as a signup form and hasn't changed much. It's got a whole lot of text.... The hero illustration is from before the app was built. The actual screenshot is all boring grey and too detailed. Roasties?

What I like:

  • The Markets screenshot further down the page
  • The benefits/features with icons
  • Clear pricing

What I dislike:

  • The illustrative mockup on top doesn't provide much info. Might be better to move the real screenshot into that space
  • There's A LOT of text and there's not enough informational hierarchy guiding me to what's relevant to me personally
  • The sign up step feels high barrier because you ask a lot of info. I imagine you'd get higher conversions if you just add an email field on the homepage with a sign up button. You can ask me later to set a name/password/etc
  • The landing page looks complex/overwhelming (because there's so much text), which does a disservice to the app itself because it's quite straight forward
  • Don't tell me "it's a better way", tell me what is better. Will it save me time? Help me get more sales?
  • I'm missing testimonials and/or a personal touch from you as the maker
  • I'd love to see more screenshots
  • Don't be afraid to use more spaces, multiple pages, etc. Give the information some room. Maybe a couple of sections for each major feature (listing automation, hosted landing pages, future roadmap)

Just now saw this, thanks so much. I like all these suggestions a lot. The more I see "a better way" on landing pages I realize it doesn't say much. I did some banner ads recently and I used the tagline "Your Portfolio Dashboard" which I like a little better. I agree the content needs to be split up, given more space and more screenshots. A minimal sign-up flow would be great. The whole landing page needs work, and I am struggling to prioritize when there are incomplete features that subscribers are asking for. I kind of did this to myself by putting a lot of non-functional features in the app and marking them as "beta".

Actually tbh I am struggling feeling like I am missing opportunities in web3 space which could be much more profitable with a larger, less frugal audience. was always going to be a slow grind for a small and tough audience. I feel like it works pretty much fine as-is and it will still be there when more automation opportunities become available to me. I have a couple features I want to wrap up and then I might take a break and see if I can launch a web3 thing in a month. (Calling it, j/k)

Money Game haha. Love it.

Personally I think you really got something here with, but these type of SaaS businesses take a while to get going.

If you do choose to focus your time elsewhere for the time being, I'd try and put as any automations in place to help grow the business. Things like automatic emails asking for referrals (after a customer gets their first bid through, upgrading from monthly to annual plans (e.g. after 3 monthly payments have been made by a user), etc.