ROAST the brand new version of Plant My Forest

Take a look at this page. ✨


It has just been put online.

And it's the brand new version of Plant My Forest.

The objective here is to better explain the concept of the site and the project.

We had to add more content on the home page, to :
- explain the mission
- explain how trees are planted
- reassure future planters
- show our figures and current planters

But we didn't want to lose the map... so we left it!

You can still interact with it (I put this point forward because it wasn't easy to integrate ;))

So come check out this brand new version of Plant My Forest :

And leave your feedback!

If you don't have any feedback to give then... you can just say it's beautiful 🙃 (I'm kidding, say what you want)

It's beautiful!

I've attached some images of little css issues/types/alignments I saw.

I think perhaps from the visuals the lowest hanging fruit would be to give the actual forest tree map a visual upgrade. I think the colors fall flat a bit (potentially too low saturation). Maybe emoji trees? Not sure but think a bigger forest should look more awesome somehow. Maybe bigger forests get more emoji wildlife automatically, moving around the forest or randomly created? Tricky to get right

Hey David :) Thank you for your feedback. I will work on it.

For the flat and lifeless side of the map, I would like to add dynamic assets and animation elements to liven up the forests a bit! :)

Love it, @Paul !
I just found two little things :
One section is not centered, and another section is rounded but I'm not sure it's useful because it's 100% vw ?

I've attached screenshots

I work on it to fix these points :) Thanks for your feedback Florian !

First of all - I also love the concept and the look and feel of the landing page. Well done. I had a few thoughts though:

Planting trees is the best solution for climate and biodiversity.

This is a bold claim, and users really need to believe it if they're going to convert. Pachama ( does a good job of this. (I personally believe it btw :) )

I guess it's also possible to focus on users who already believe it (which is a large and growing chunk of the population).

How do trees get planted?

There could be natural skepticism here. If I don't know you, how can I trust that you're not just taking my $$ and putting my virtual tree on the map?

More of a random thought - companies (Amazon, Delta, Microsoft) buy carbon offsets to make the claim that they'll be net neutral by some future date.

Could a startup (Like Upvoty, WIP, etc) with x employees and $y in server expenses do the same with a monthly tree subscription?

The latter feels particularly interesting. Simple Analytics wins customers that believe in privacy-first. Carbon-neutral startups could win customers that believe in fighting climate change. A Plant My Tree "I'm carbon-neutral" badge allows companies to make this claim (while providing an SEO boost and a viral growth mechanism in the process).

I believe Pachama will grow into a huge company, and will naturally be incentivized to go up-market, continuing to focus on the biggest companies. As they grow, and more and more companies push PR about committing to becoming carbon neutral, I bet an opportunity will emerge down-market (for small startups) to provide the same service.

Not to mention the value for you in converting one-time purchases into recurring revenue.