Automated SMS messages costs a lot in the Netherlands. We ( have build a less expensive alternative. Let us know what you think!

If your main differentiator is price, I think you should prominently display your rates and compare them to the competition.

If I understand correctly, you somehow let me install an app on my phone, and then SMS messages are sent through that phone? That seems rather counter intuitive. I'll need to buy a bunch of phones, attach them to their chargers in my office/home, hope they don't restart due to automatic updates, keep track of their subscriptions, etc.

That seems backwards. The whole industry is moving the opposite direction towards managed solutions. Just look at cloud hosting. We went from managing our own hardware servers, to AWS.

Unless the alternative is significantly more expensive, I'm not sure I understand the business model. Is there a benefit to this approach versus using a Twilio-like API? Apart from pricing?

Just pricing...

Ok, in that case I'd make the landing page all about pricing.

I'd also think about if there aren't any other benefits your approach might have. Maybe having everything happen on my phone is a benefit in that I can mix the automated messages with personal ones.

Or that I can use the same phone number for taking calls, etc.