Roast my website/idea: No CS Degree

I've started making an indie hackers-style interview website on how people with no CS degree have learned to code. I've got a few CSS customisations to make but please let me know what you think :)

Password to view is cezeqi848

It's not finished yet obvs.


  • White text on pink background is hard to read
  • Text size in header is too small
  • The article view looks great
  • Some photos are very low-res (e.g. Pretzel Hands')
  • Would like to see more images in interviews
  • Questions and answers in Pretzel Hand's interview could use more distinct styling so they are easier to tell apart


  • Saying every interviewee has "No CS degree" gets repetitive
  • Articles are too long IMO (although honestly I didn't actually read them, see below)
  • Took a second for me to understand the domain name. I read it as Noc's Degree. This might be one of those exceptions where dashes in the domain might be better.


I'm not sure who No CS Degree is for. Personally I couldn't care less whether someone has a CS degree or not. I guess that's also your point. That it doesn't matter. So why highlight people without CS degrees, if it doesn't matter?

The reason Indie Hackers and Starter Story work, is because as entrepreneurs we learn we're not alone. We all face similar challenges. And we can learn from each other. See what worked for others.

Maybe No CS Degree's value proposition is similar, but I wonder if the challenges people without a CS degree face are really distinct enough from people with a CS degree. Do people without a CS degree identify as such? I don't have a CS degree, but it's not something I ever think about.

hey man, thanks for looking at it:

Design - yeah, I agree. Gotta work on that and agree the Pretzel Hands one is too low-res. Will sort out head and format of Q&A

Copy - I get you. I was thinking about SEO but agree I should vary more

Concept - it's for coders/career changers who don't have CS degree but want to get jobs or make products. I agree it doesn't always matter but I think there is the perception it does, particularly with learners. So the concept is to show successes of coders to people who can't/won't do a 4 year degree.