Roast my side project idea - AI resume generator

Here’s a small idea I recently had, and I’d like to run it by you before I develop it any further:

I need to submit a resume/CV/portfolio quite often (and I suppose, so do a lot of artists, designers, scientists, freelancers, open source contributors, …), but keeping it up to date is tedious at best.

So the other day I came up with this thought: The web actually knows best what I’ve been up to in the recent months/years.

I gave ChatGPT a few URLs to scrape, and asked it to write a short bio with XYZ word count in ABC style, and that worked sufficiently well that I thought it could also work as a micro-product.

I’m thinking a sort of link.tree low-barrier thing with a generous free tier and a „credit“ system to buy more variations/iterations/…


Interesting idea if it kept being updated automatically once per month! I don't think I'd use it but I'm not in the target audience haha

Thanks! Yeah I also thought of that as an „upsell“ opportunity. Like, once a month is free, once a week is a couple $ …

I like the idea, I wonder if you can generate any revenue from it?
Maybe you could charge recruiters for access? That would be an interesting take.

🤔 actually not bad, though not what I had in mind initially.

And I think demand can be easily validated by doing a manual process first. Quite niche, yes, but thinking about how many indie makers, designers etc are out there with their own portfolio sites… why not have an external tool handle your „about“ page?

I guess I‘ll put up a simple intake form and show it around. Maybe some people submit it, then I can try producing resumes manually, then slowly start automating stuff around it

One thing that would be valuable for me that could lead more repeat usage is to tailor/fine tune the resume for a specific position (eg. highlighting more certain skills vs others)

Exactly! Focus, Style and structure would be the relevant variables