Roast my sales page for the Rails Performance Workshop

I would love any feedback on the sales page for my new education product, the Rails Performance Workshop. I consider myself a novice at "sales letters".

The Rails Performance Workshop consists of 4 weeks of classroom instruction and tutoring with Rails performance expert Nate Berkopec. You'll learn about Rails performance and scaling concepts, then put them to work on your application each week through a series of guided exercises.

It took me a while to understand this would be an online workshop. Even though I now see it's right there in the URL haha. To me the words "workshop" and "classroom", as well as the date ("March 2nd") makes it sound like an in-person event. I'd clarify this at the top of the page.

In the first paragraphs you're listing pain points. That's great. But I'm not sure they convey the associated emotion. For example my personal worry is "Am I unnecessarily spending too much on Heroku dynos? Every. Single. Month." – Your line "Your boss thinks that the app is too expensive." is technically about the same thing, but doesn't trigger that same emotion for me. If you can use actual words from your previous/potential customers, that would work better I think.

I feel like the text could be broken up a bit more with small subheadings. Would make it more scannable. Here's a good example by @patio11:… – basically the subheadings would summarize the paragraph in one short sentence.

The testimonials seems really bland with the gray background. Same for the CTAs. Maybe use a warmish light yellow color so the buttons stand out more.

The bulleted lists are quite long. Could use emphasis on the most important parts (like you do with the testimonials).

"Sign up myself" is a not a great call to action. I'd rewrite it so it conveys the value people will receive.

What's the price for the in-person workshops? I imagine this online one will be somewhat cheaper? If so, you could do something like "Before: $2,999, now only $995".

Is there a money-back guarantee? If so, I'd add that near the price.

I'm not sure how this compares to the video course. If I already have it, how much more value would this online workshop bring me? Also, if I already spend $200 (?) on that course, the video course now being included for free makes me feel like I've wasted $200. (perhaps you could offer a private discount to previous purchasers).

Overall, my personal feeling about the workshop is that I'd probably learn a lot, optimize my apps, etc, but would also be adding a bunch of stuff to both my calendar and already full todo list for the prize of $1,000. I prefer spending money instead on things that free up my calendar and todo list.

That's an issue most educational resources have. Especially interactive ones. You might be able to alleviate some of these doubts by improving your copy so it highlights the time savings I'll get. (e.g. "Learn how to build more performant features, so you spend less time refactoring later")

I didn't read the complete page. I might have missed important stuff. But I wanted to mimic how I'd read the page in real life if it wasn't for you asking for feedback.

Overall I think the page is quite well done. I focus most of my feedback on the negative, as I think that's the most actionable.