Roast my RSS feed reader which looks like a trello board

Hey WIPers 😉,

I am building 

It is a RSS feed reader with a trello like UI and additional features like subscribing to twitter users, hashtags, youtube and telegram  channels.

Looking forward to crafty roasts on the website copy, design and product features. 🙏

Fun as a project to learn something new. Why did you make it? If you're looking for business, did you talk to paying users of e.g. ? It takes a lot of effort to build a better product.

To quickly scan/read things, I prefer a list instead of cards (like trello).

I made this as a side project to learn react.

Looks great and a cool idea, feedback:

  • I can't understand the video - it autoplays and there are no browser controls (firefox on macos), so by the time I finished reading the first few sentences on the page I couldn't catch up and I couldn't follow it at all
  • I missed your get started button and Create Account button at the bottom, I did see the email box though so I assumed it was the app was unfinished and it was just an email collection page
  • The suggestions are really cool! But you should ask some questions upfront to tailor them a bit more (e.g. I got one about Malaysia)
  • In suggestions, clicking subscribe doesn't actually subscribe you - you have to click check and then you can subscribe
  • When I click on a blog post, it should mark it as read somehow
  • Would be great if I could drag items from a list into a new list (e.g. a "To read" list)

I don't use RSS feeds much so take my feedback with a pinch of salt 🙂

Thanks for checking it out. This is some great feedback. Lots of stuff for me to work on. 🙏

I was expecting it to work like Trello where I can drag and organize the cards across different columns. So an RSS feed becomes an automated way of adding cards, but then I can manage them in a way that makes sense for me.

I still think that's an interesting idea. Not so much for consuming news, etc, but almost like a Trello-with-automated-imports-of-various-types-of-data.

Imagine automatically importing sales leads, pending GitHub PRs, etc.

If the news reader approach doesn't work out, perhaps the above is worth experimenting with.